Anti-Gravity Case Nano Suction Selfie Cover Note 9 Note 8 S8 S9 Goat Suction

  • $4.99

The Anti-Gravity case is made with special Nano Suction material that has thousands of suction cups that help it stick to flat surfaces without being sticky to the touch! It sticks best to mirrors and windows but it also sticks to several other surfaces as long as they are flat, smooth, and clean.

If the nano suction part of the case gets dusty or dirty, all you have to do is take the phone out of the case and rinse the back of the case off with water. After it drys, put it back on the phone and the case will be back defying gravity once more!

You can stick it to the mirror and watch Netflix while you shave or put on makeup, or stick it to a stainless steel refrigerator and face time with family while you cook dinner. You can stick it to a white board and Skype with a business partner as you brainstorm ideas or stick it to your monitor while you work. There are hundreds of applications, get it today and try it out!

Important Note: When you get the case you must take the plastic film off the Nano Suction material in order for it to work.

We ship the same day or the following morning via USPS First Class Package.